PGP in Data Science

Data Science

Learn how to analyze and interpret data correctly.
Accelerate your career in Data Science with the exclusive Data Science Analytics Program. Experience world-class Data Science training by By Industry Leaders on the most in-demand Data Science Skills. Gain hands-on exposure to key technologies including Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, SQL and Artificial Intelligence. Become an expert Data Science professional today.
The PGP-DS (Post Graduate Program in Data Science) gives you wide coverage of main ideas and techniques from Python, Exploratory Data Analysis to Machine Learning, Deep Learning and more. Practical labs and assignment work bring these ideas to life with our Instructors and Subject matter experts supervise you with the path.
Equip your career with this commended PG Program in Data Science

On the completion of this program, you will:
Be well versed in analytics tools and technologies such as Python, Tableau, SQL
Apply industry-relevant machine learning techniques such as Regression, Predictive Modelling,
Clustering, Time Series Forecasting, Classification, etc.
Structure a business problem into an analytics framework using statistics and data modelling
Perform data cleaning and data transformation operations using several tools and techniques
Be well versed in Deep learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Present yourself as an ideal candidate for analyst, data engineer, and data scientist roles within
leading analytics companies